Wednesday, 31 May 2017

School choir sings Larkfleets praises

Another day, another generous community gift from Larkfleet Homes and this time it's in the shape of some cool tee shirts for kids!

Larkfleet is helping helping local youngsters to stay warm and look cool at the same time by sponsoring tee shirts worn by key stage two students at Bourne’s Elsea Park Primary Academy.

The new tee shirts, featuring the school badge on the front and Larkfleet logo on the back, are worn by the choir when they are singing and representing the school.

Helen Hick, joint managing director of LarkfleetHomes, said: “Larkfleet is committed to supporting the local community and it’s a great pleasure to sponsor the tee shirts that will be worn by students as they are out and about representing the school.”

Nick Brompton, head of Elsea Park Primary Academy, said: “We would like to say a big thank you to Larkfleet for their continued support and for sponsoring a lovely selection of tee shirts for our key stage two choir students to enjoy!

“We are also proud to represent the company’s name when out and about, not only showcasing the school but also the support of Larkfleet too. “

Monday, 29 May 2017

Have you thought about having a garden wedding reception?

Let's set the scene. The sun is shining, you've just made a commitment to the man, or woman, of your dreams and now it's time to party!

The big party (aka wedding reception) needs to be perfect so have you thought about how nice it would be to have complete control of it?

Well you can do just that by hosting your wedding reception in the comfort of your own garden.

At Larkfleet Homes, we've heard along the grapevine that this is now becoming quite a thing and we're pretty sure some of our residents have had their wedding receptions in their Larkfleet garden!

Why not? You can go at a pace you want, make it as expensive or creative as you wish and you don't have far to go once all the happy guests have left. Or even better, ask the folks if they can clear up the mess (with a financial reward offered) so you can jet off to start your new life as Mr and Mrs.

Pinterest is a great place to check out ideas. Really, though, all you need is live music, space to dance, plenty of fizzy stuff and some great food and you have yourself a party! oh and fairy lights to add some sparkle. It is your wedding reception after all.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Housing Industry Insights

At Larkfleet Homes, we know a thing or two about the housing industry. After all, we've been in it for long enough.

Now we'd like to share some of our knowledge so that you can have a clear understanding of just where the housing industry lies right now.

Housing building delivers huge economic and social benefits for communities all over the country.

Independent research has found that the industry supports 600,000 jobs while providing tens of thousand of affordable homes and hundreds of millions of pounds in community facilities and upgraded  infrastructure. Good news, hey!

New homes are of high quality, meaning they're easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.

New homes are built to a much higher specification than the majority of older homes, so customers get more for their money. Central heating, double glazing and high standards of roof, floor and wall insulation are all included in the price.  As well as reducing carbon emissions, the energy efficiency of new homes also means you could save up to £1, 400 a year on utility bills, compared to a Victorian equivalent!

So has this tempted you into buying a new home? Let's hope so! Visit the Larkfleet website and take some time to pick your desired location and then get in touch.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

What colours look best in your home?

There's so much more to colour than you may realise.

Colours can provoke different emotions within us and they help to set a "scene".

Red for passion, green for serenity and so and so on..

So when it comes to decorating your new (Larkfleet) home, what should you consider before going wild with the paint?

Each room in your home will have a different function so bear that in mind when you start decorating.

So, for example, red signifies passion (maybe a good colour for the bedroom!), yellow is a nice warming colour so a hint of yellow in the living room would work well. Green is the colour of nature and a popular choice in the kitchen and blue represents a serene atmosphere, perfect for the bathroom!

You might opt for a minimalist look in the home, in which case you'll want to use soft whites, but if you want more a rustic feel, autumnal colours such as red and oranges will really work

The best thing is to think about how you want your home to FEEL.

Do you want it to feel energised or relaxed or both? Then base your colour scheme on what each room means to you.

The world wide web is full of inspiration for colour schemes and designs so do your research first and we're sure you'll succeed in making your home look and feel wonderful!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Run in the Woods raises a staggering £7,000!

At Larkfleet Homes, we do love some good news so it's great to hear that with our help, The Rotary Club of Bourne successfully raised more than £7,000!

The Run in The Woods is a popular event in Bourne offering keen runners the chance to enjoy the wonderful scenery of Bourne Woods, raise money for charity and get fit too!

Larkfleet sponsored the event and is delighted with the final figure of £7,000!

It was an extremely popular event with 550 entrants made up of experienced club runners and amateurs. Most of the runners were from Bourne, Stamford, and the Deepings area however people did travel from further afield such as Yorkshire, Hull and Leeds.

It was a great day enjoyed by many and we hope to see you all again there next year!

If you're interested in making a move to Bourne, you might be interested in our stunning Bourne Heights development which, if you're not there already, offers a range of eco-friendly 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom new homes on the outskirts of Bourne.

You can call the Bourne sales office on 07825275820 and start a new life in Bourne in a gorgeous Larkfleet home. 

Friday, 19 May 2017

The price of not buying new? It could be as much as £50,000!

New research carried out by the Home Builders Federation has found that the cost of upgrading an older property to the same standard as a new build home could be as much as £50,000!

From the benefits of living in an energy efficient home that could save you hundreds of pounds on your utility bills each year, to the brand-new fixtures and fittings that come as standard, buying a new build home offers many advantages when compared to buying an older property.
The research looked at the work that might have to be carried out when people move into an older home. It considered what would have to be done to a home to bring it up to the standards of a new property which also comes with a warranty protecting the buyer from liability on structural problems within the first 10 years.  Whether it’s the price of buying and fitting a new kitchen (£7,900) or having a house rewired (£8,850), the costs for people moving into an older home can quickly mount up.

For a homeowner who wants to get the same standard of finish and functionality in a 'used' home that they could expect from a new build home, the cost could be up to £51,643. 
This includes paying out for:
  • Kitchen - £7,900
  • Bathroom - £3,800
  • Central heating - £6,185
  • Wiring - £8,850
  • Plastering - £5,240
  • Decorating - £2,500
  • Flooring - £2,628
  • Insulation - £775
  • Windows and doors - £4,900
  • Roofing - £4,000
  • Guttering - £690
  • External rendering - £4,175
And the savings continue: while just 26 per cent of second hand homes achieve an energy efficiency rating of A to C, 94 per cent of homes built in 2016 could boast such standards.

Commenting on the figures, Stewart Baseley, executive chairman of the Home Builders Federation, said: “Buyers of new build homes enjoy a huge number of benefits over those purchasing a second hand home.
“During the buying process customers will receive a high level of service and support from trained sales staff. Upon moving into a property that is designed for modern living, there are all the advantages of living in a home with brand new fixtures and fittings and the latest energy efficiency technologies.
“This report helps to highlight the hidden savings that buyers of new build homes make. While most people have a budget put aside to get the little jobs done, costs soon add up when you need to replace a bathroom or a kitchen.
“£50,000 is a lot of money by anyone’s standards, and this new research emphasises just how much new build home buyers really get for their money.”
Well that all sounds pretty good to us at Larkfleet Homes so why not visit to our website, find your new home and be a winner in the property market!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Supporting New Homes Week

We are supporting New Homes Week 2017, an initiative by the Home Builders’ Federation to promote the benefits of buying a new home.
Helen Hick, joint managing director of Larkfleet Homes, said: “Larkfleet Homes is pleased to be supporting the Home Builders’ Federation New Homes Week.
“New Homes Week is the chance for people to find out more about the benefits of buying a new build home, from the superb finishing touches and quality specifications, to the many excellent deals and offers house builders like Larkfleet Homes can offer. The peace of mind you get when buying a new build home is unrivalled.”
This year, the theme of New Homes Week is a focus on the cost of upgrading an older home to the standard of new build home. From the finishing touches to the windows and doors, there are additional costs attached to get the same standard of finish on an older house as in a new build property.
For more information visit or follow #NHW17 on social media.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

New Homes Week - The Larkfleet View

To coincide with New Homes Week, Helen Hick, joint managing director of Larkfleet Homes has shared her wealth of knowledge with the team at WhatHouse - the online guide to new homes!

Read below to hear Helen's thoughts on why you should buy new!

1. No chain
There is no chain on the home you are buying when it’s straight from the housebuilder – you don’t have to wait for someone to move out.

“If you are eligible for one of our Part Exchange deals, you don’t have to wait to sell your own home either. It can be a completely stress and hassle-free move, with no one unexpectedly falling out of the chain.”

2. A blank canvas
“A new Larkfleet home is clean and untouched by previous owners and is finished in neutral colours, giving you the chance to put your own stamp on your new home. If you reserve your property early in the building process you will be able to choose from a range of options for kitchens and bathrooms – and maybe other things too.”

It’s the perfect way for you to ensure your new home will reflect your style from the moment you walk in, rather than you having to adapt to someone else’s taste.

3. No wasted space
“Every Larkfleet home has been meticulously designed by our architects to use all the available space. Research shows that 17% of living space in older style properties often goes unused - on a £200,000 house this would equate to a waste of £34,000.”

4. High standards
The latest building regulations mean that new homes are reaching ever-higher quality levels  compared with older neighbours.

“All our homes meet the latest standards for things such as fire protection, electrical safety and noise insulation. Peace of mind is built in!”

5. Low running costs
“Larkfleet homes are fitted with high-efficiency heating systems, excellent wall and loft insulation and double glazed windows and doors. An average Larkfeet home has an energy rating of B, older style houses often have a rating as low as G.”

This high level of energy efficiency leads directly to lower bills for your utilities.

6. Low maintenance
“DIY and maintenance jobs are greatly reduced with a new home (after all, everything is brand new), saving you money and giving you more time with your family and friends.”

Few people really enjoy DIY and by buying a brand new home, you minimise what you have to do, and the number of things that might go wrong over the coming years.

7. No new purchases
“Talk to us early enough and you can include your choice of things such as carpets and kitchen appliances in the cost of the house that is covered by your mortgage – so you don’t have to find money for these things just as you move in. There’s less expenditure on buying replacements over the next few years, too. You will have new equipment covered by manufacturers’ warranties that should give years of service.”

While new homes sometimes get criticised for appearing expensive compared to a comparable re-sale home, adding up elements like this show the price is very reasonable in the long run.

8. Eco-friendly
Sustainability and environmental issues are a major factor for many people in all strands of their life – including what for many is the biggest investment they’ll ever make – the property they live in.

“A Larkfeet home is, on average, six times more energy efficient than an older property. This is equivalent to driving 10,000 miles less a year per household! On many Larkfleet properties you can have PV [photovoltaic] cells on your roof to generate electricity from sunlight – cutting your emissions and your energy bills.”

9. No surprises
“If you buy a brand-new Larkfeet home you know exactly what you’re getting. You have the assurance that everything in the house – from the sewers beneath the ground to the tiles on the roof – has been professionally installed using the right materials.

"Don’t just take our word for it – all our sites are regularly checked by independent inspectors to ensure quality of build. Even if you pay for a detailed survey a second-hand home can still throw up some unpleasant and expensive surprises once you’ve moved in.” 

Moving home is stressful enough without worrying about the unexpected, so a brand new home can save a lot of hassle and bring peace of mind.

10. Part of the community
“Buying a second-hand home on an established street can sometimes make it harder to get into the social network. A new development means you become part of the emerging community with everyone looking to make new friends.”

‘Placemaking’ is an increasingly important part of new homes building, generating a real community to include all the residents of the new properties being constructed. 

11. Ten years’ quality assurance
“Larkfleet homes provide NHBC or LABC warranties.”

As another of our #NHW17 articles shows, the long-term warranties that come with brand new homes cover almost everything and provide the reassurance of anything that might go wrong being rectified.

12. Assistance all the way
With deals such as the government-backed Help to Buy scheme and Larkfleet’s own Part Exchange, Assisted Sale and Secure Home Purchase initiatives to rely on, there are many ways that purchasers can seek a little practical and financial support to secure the new home they want.

“The Larkfleet team is there to help you on every step of your house-buying journey from finding a mortgage to finding the nearest post office when you move in!”

Grab a Larkfleet freebie!

At Larkfleet, we love to give away the odd freebie, and this week, if you reserve plot 97 on Buttercross Park in Oakham, you'll get yourself free carpets and vinyl thrown in completely free!

Buttercross Park offers a range of traditionally styled eco-friendly and energy efficient 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom properties which is perfect for home buyers looking for a quality home in rural surroundings.

Situated on the outskirts of Oakham, Buttercross Park is part of the Oakham Heights development and offers close access to Oakham - a pretty, traditional market town offering all the amenities you would expect such as unique shops, great places to eat and drink and beautiful surrounding countryside. 
For more details, call the Larkfleet sales office for this site on 01572 722262.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Good luck Dean!

Dean Dye, manager on Larkfleet Homes’ site at Bourne Heights, has been shortlisted as a potential winner of the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) ‘site agent of the year’ award for the East Midlands.

LABC inspectors from The East Midlands Building Consultancy are currently on site at least once per week but at different stages in the development cycle they may be at Bourne Heights two or three times each week. Dean schedules visits for key stage completions such as drainage and footings.

Because of the experience and competence of the Larkfleet team and its contractors there are rarely any ‘issues’ arising from the inspections. Those few that do arise are swiftly dealt with.

Sean Mcmanus of The East Midlands Building Consultancy says: “I am on site myself once or twice each week. The good working relationship which Dean has with his colleagues and contractors is noticeable – he is capable of speaking firmly to people when things need sorting out yet without giving offence.

“And he always accompanies me when I go out on site – whatever the weather – when he could easily stay in the warm and dry!”

There have been no reported accidents on site since construction began.

Dean says: “We have an excellent team of contractors who take their responsibilities seriously and co-operate with one another and with me to ensure safe working on site across all the trades and activities.

“Some of the contractors, such as the groundworkers, have been with me on other sites and I have been successful in having the same teams allocated to Bourne Heights.”

Sean Mcmanus says; “The quality of the work on site is always excellent – particularly the groundwork. I think this is largely down to Dean. He is able to get the best from what is already a first-class team.”

Dean undertakes his own snagging inspection of each house before the future residents are invited in for a ‘demonstration’ of their new home when they are shown (for example) how the heating system works, how the PV panels are managed, etc. They are encouraged at that time to undertake their own ‘snagging’ inspection and if they identify any problems Dean takes care of them.

Dean similarly deals with any issues that arise during the first few days of occupancy.

Dean says: “We pride ourselves on handing over high quality homes. By putting time and effort into getting things right up front we have very few calls to rectify faults.”

Dean is highly valued not just by colleagues at Larkfleet but by Larkfleet’s customers and contractors. A recent demonstration of this came when a new resident on Bourne Heights asked for Dean’s assistance for her pregnant sister who lives on the far side of Bourne in a house which Larkfleet built some years ago. A boiler failure had left the lady with no heating or hot water and the company responsible for her boiler maintenance had let her down.

Dean and one of the plumbers from Bourne Heights went across town and resolved the issue.
Dean says: “The plumber was under no obligation to assist – he wasn’t getting paid for this. And there was no obligation for Larkfleet to help. The boiler is now the householder’s responsibility. But the plumber and I were pleased to help. It’s part of our approach to customer care.”

Dean can also point to several ‘thank you’ cards from residents and Facebook posts praising his support and assistance for new residents at Bourne Heights. And if he and colleagues had not already eaten them, he could also point to several thank you gifts of chocolates!

Sean Mcmanus says: “I would be happy to endorse Dean’s entry for the LABC site agent of the year award. He would be a very worthy winner. Our job would be a lot easier if all the people we dealt with were like Dean!”

Dean will find out at a black-tie dinner in June whether he has won the coveted award. All of us at Larkfleet wish him the best of luck!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

What you need to know when buying a new home

When buying a new home, there's a lot to think about. At Larkfleet Homes we understand that buying a new home is a big move, literally!

So what do you need to consider when buying a new home?

  • It's all about the money: With so many offers and options out there at the moment, find one that works best for you. For example, if you're aged between 23 and 40 you might be interested in buying a starter home.

  • What makes you happy? Location is really important. There's no point living in the countryside if you love city life and not much point living in the city if you need space and peace. Make a list of the things that really matter to you. It could be a decent gym, good restaurants, schools for the kids or commuter links - so make sure you base your move near the things that are important to you.

  • Visit a showhome: At Larkfleet, we are extremely proud of our showhomes and make sure they are all designed with real size furniture so you can see just how fantastic your new home will look.

For more help on deciding where to move, check out the Larkfleet locations page - and if you need any help in the process, just pick up the phone and we will be more than happy to help you make the right move!

Monday, 8 May 2017

Larkfleet helps kids to stay safe!

Larkfleet Homes has been helping local youngsters to ‘play safe’ as the weather turns warmer and the evenings grow lighter.

Joe Yardley, Larkfleet's health and safety advisor, told youngsters of the dangers of playing on building sites in a special assembly at Elsea Park Primary Academy, continuing the company’s commitment to supporting the local community. The school is only a short distance from Bourne Heights, the site where Larkfleet is building a range of 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedroom homes. 

The school assembly was attended by 150 children aged between four and ten years old.

Joe dressed for the part during the assembly in a safety helmet, high visibility vest and safety footwear! 

After a brief introduction to his role as a safety officer, Joe held up a sequence of A3 safety signs and asked the pupils to identify the meaning of each sign.

The presentation closed with volunteer pupils holding up signs each indicating best practice such as wearing safety helmets, high visibility clothing and safety footwear. Joe added a sign with a smiley face, to represent a happy site manager.

Joe Yardley said: “It was a great pleasure to be able to share my knowledge with students at Elsea Park Primary Academy who were extremely engaging.

“At Larkfleet we are committed to keeping our staff and authorised visitors to construction sites safe. We also want to prevent injuries to youngsters who might view construction sites as exciting playgrounds when there is no-one around. It is important that we educate children about the dangers.”

Friday, 5 May 2017

Creech Party in the Park

Larkfleet is continuing on its path of community support and this time it comes in the shape of a fun party in the park!

The Creech Party in the Park takes place on 8 July and is a true community event with arts, crafts, activities, displays, refreshments, games and music!

Larkfleet likes to play an active role in the local community and The Creech Party in the Park is the ideal chance for Larkfleet to show its support down in South West England  - a new area of development for Larkfleet.
If you would be interested in making a move down south and to a gorgeous part of the country, why not do it in style in a new Larkfleet home? Or if you are there already, think of making a move with Larkfleet.

You can find out more here and remember to follow us on our social media channels to keep up to date with all things Larkfleet!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Larkfleet's 5 top tips on a stress-free move!

At Larkfleet, we obviously want to sell lovely new homes. It's what we do and what we do well!

But Larkfleet Homes isn't just interested in selling you a new home. We want to make sure the process is a good one so that you can make the most of those first few special moments in your new home.

So Larkfleet has put together a top tip survival guide for when you move home!

1) Check mate!

At Larkfleet Homes we have to be organised so that we can keep building new homes in new places so obviously we're huge fans of checklists. This is a great way for you to get organised and make sure that you don't miss out anything major in the process of moving home.

2) Organise your life!

You would be surprised at just how much stuff you will have accumulated over the years so it's best to start early with the packing - that way you won't be so stressed out on the big day.

3) Do you really need that?

When you're packing ready for your new home, ask yourself - do I really need to take this? Us human beings have a tendency to  hoard things we feel have sentimental value but really they're just collecting dust! Now is the ideal time to minimise your space and start afresh with less stuff in your new home.

4) Get moving!

Once you've chosen your removal company, arrange a visit so they can see how much you have to move and if anything requires special handling.

5) Make sure you have the name of the best takeaway close to your new home and a box to sit on!

Enjoy the move and your new future!