Wednesday, 24 May 2017

What colours look best in your home?

There's so much more to colour than you may realise.

Colours can provoke different emotions within us and they help to set a "scene".

Red for passion, green for serenity and so and so on..

So when it comes to decorating your new (Larkfleet) home, what should you consider before going wild with the paint?

Each room in your home will have a different function so bear that in mind when you start decorating.

So, for example, red signifies passion (maybe a good colour for the bedroom!), yellow is a nice warming colour so a hint of yellow in the living room would work well. Green is the colour of nature and a popular choice in the kitchen and blue represents a serene atmosphere, perfect for the bathroom!

You might opt for a minimalist look in the home, in which case you'll want to use soft whites, but if you want more a rustic feel, autumnal colours such as red and oranges will really work

The best thing is to think about how you want your home to FEEL.

Do you want it to feel energised or relaxed or both? Then base your colour scheme on what each room means to you.

The world wide web is full of inspiration for colour schemes and designs so do your research first and we're sure you'll succeed in making your home look and feel wonderful!

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