Wednesday, 31 May 2017

School choir sings Larkfleets praises

Another day, another generous community gift from Larkfleet Homes and this time it's in the shape of some cool tee shirts for kids!

Larkfleet is helping helping local youngsters to stay warm and look cool at the same time by sponsoring tee shirts worn by key stage two students at Bourne’s Elsea Park Primary Academy.

The new tee shirts, featuring the school badge on the front and Larkfleet logo on the back, are worn by the choir when they are singing and representing the school.

Helen Hick, joint managing director of LarkfleetHomes, said: “Larkfleet is committed to supporting the local community and it’s a great pleasure to sponsor the tee shirts that will be worn by students as they are out and about representing the school.”

Nick Brompton, head of Elsea Park Primary Academy, said: “We would like to say a big thank you to Larkfleet for their continued support and for sponsoring a lovely selection of tee shirts for our key stage two choir students to enjoy!

“We are also proud to represent the company’s name when out and about, not only showcasing the school but also the support of Larkfleet too. “

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