Monday, 29 May 2017

Have you thought about having a garden wedding reception?

Let's set the scene. The sun is shining, you've just made a commitment to the man, or woman, of your dreams and now it's time to party!

The big party (aka wedding reception) needs to be perfect so have you thought about how nice it would be to have complete control of it?

Well you can do just that by hosting your wedding reception in the comfort of your own garden.

At Larkfleet Homes, we've heard along the grapevine that this is now becoming quite a thing and we're pretty sure some of our residents have had their wedding receptions in their Larkfleet garden!

Why not? You can go at a pace you want, make it as expensive or creative as you wish and you don't have far to go once all the happy guests have left. Or even better, ask the folks if they can clear up the mess (with a financial reward offered) so you can jet off to start your new life as Mr and Mrs.

Pinterest is a great place to check out ideas. Really, though, all you need is live music, space to dance, plenty of fizzy stuff and some great food and you have yourself a party! oh and fairy lights to add some sparkle. It is your wedding reception after all.

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