Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Larkfleet's 5 top tips on a stress-free move!

At Larkfleet, we obviously want to sell lovely new homes. It's what we do and what we do well!

But Larkfleet Homes isn't just interested in selling you a new home. We want to make sure the process is a good one so that you can make the most of those first few special moments in your new home.

So Larkfleet has put together a top tip survival guide for when you move home!

1) Check mate!

At Larkfleet Homes we have to be organised so that we can keep building new homes in new places so obviously we're huge fans of checklists. This is a great way for you to get organised and make sure that you don't miss out anything major in the process of moving home.

2) Organise your life!

You would be surprised at just how much stuff you will have accumulated over the years so it's best to start early with the packing - that way you won't be so stressed out on the big day.

3) Do you really need that?

When you're packing ready for your new home, ask yourself - do I really need to take this? Us human beings have a tendency to  hoard things we feel have sentimental value but really they're just collecting dust! Now is the ideal time to minimise your space and start afresh with less stuff in your new home.

4) Get moving!

Once you've chosen your removal company, arrange a visit so they can see how much you have to move and if anything requires special handling.

5) Make sure you have the name of the best takeaway close to your new home and a box to sit on!

Enjoy the move and your new future!

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