Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The kids are alright - Bedroom makeovers

Thinking about giving your kids' bedrooms a makeover? Stuck for ideas? The good news is, there is no end of ideas out there to give you inspiration if you are thinking about changing or redecorating a child's bedroom. You only have to look on social media sites like Pinterest and Houzz to seethe ideas are endless.

It is worth remembering though that kids are as individual as us adults. They have their own personalities, interests, likes and dislikes. So, bear this in mind when you are considering your makeover.

Not only that. Children seem to gather as much, if not more, 'stuff' around themselves than grownups. Any makeover of a child's bedroom will need to consider de-cluttering and storage.

Here are a few tips for getting your child's bedroom makeover just right, so it suits the overall look and feel of your house and gives your child a space that they will love and want to spend time in - not just sleeping.

Age and gender will dictate your choice of theme. Find out what your kids are in to - if you don't already know. Younger boys will no doubt be mad on pirates or superheroes, Star Wars or football. Girls on the other hand may be more interested in Frozen, gymnastics or their favourite YouTuber.

Pre-teens and teenagers will be different. The things they were interested in as younger children may not excite them anymore and planer themes might be more suitable. That will allow them to personalise their space with their own accessories.

Don't conform to stereotypes though. Make sure you involve your child in choosing a theme. Make sure they will get a room they will love.

Once you've got a theme you'll need to get a colour scheme sorted. Depending on the theme, you could be looking at bold primary colours, stark contrasting tones or soft pastel shades.

You might be using blues and reds to compliment Superman or the softer pastel shades of a Disney Princess.

When you are choosing your colours, don't forget that the bedroom should be a place where your kids can relax and sleep easy.

There are all kinds of things you can include to compliment the design of your child's bedroom. Bed linen and curtains should match the theme and colour scheme. Remember, you need to consider comfort and practicality. Blinds or curtains should shut out enough light to aid sleep. There's nothing worse than a child waking up at the crack of dawn in the summer because the blinds of curtains don't cover the windows properly.

Lighting is also important. Choose relaxing themes. Lamps and lampshades can be included to add more interest to your chosen theme.

Add some activity for active kids. If you have some, what about including a climbing wall? Add built-in space for hobbies like trains, Scalextric or collecting. And for older children, you might want to add some space to accommodate gaming accessories or sports gear.

Try to keep furniture functional - but make it fit your theme. Fill wall space with murals relating to the theme or add pictures and photos in creative ways.

Storage and organisation
Do you find yourself tripping over toys or walking over Lego bricks in bare feet? Storage is important. It will stop you hopping around in pain and help to maximise the space in your child's room.

Use cupboard space, wardrobes, shelves and hangers to store your children's stuff. Maximise space by choosing beds with draws underneath. You could even add space-age racking to hang up gaming accessories or toys.

Add display space so your kids can show off models, toy figures or art work. Just make sure your storage options match the themes you have chosen.

School age children will need a calm space, free of distractions, where they can do their homework or enjoy some downtime with a favourite book.

Include a bookshelf, desk and chair, but make sure there are enough power points so that they can plug in their laptops or PCs if they have them.

Where space is at a premium, why not build a work space into a bunk bed solution?

Chill out
When you are re-doing your children's bedrooms, remember that whatever theme you pick, make the space restful. Make it a space that your kids want to spend time in and one where they will be able to work and play.

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