Friday, 8 September 2017

Looking for your dream home?

It seems that many of us are still looking for our dream home. Have you found yours yet? Well, according to new research from the Halifax, the chances are you haven't.

According to its report Dream Abode, just one in five of us (22 per cent) lives in our dream home. And it's not just the value of the property that brings happiness. Almost two thirds of us (62 per cent) who live in house worth more than £500,000 say their current house isn't their dream home.

A dream home has the kitchen at its heart. Halifax's research reveals that a new kitchen takes the top spot on Britain's 'dream home' wish-list (cited by 37 per cent of homes owners), followed by bigger rooms (22 per cent), extra bedrooms (19 per cent) and extra bathrooms (17 per cent).

At Larkfleet Homes, we offer a Personalised Home scheme. In return for using the services offered bu our recommended financial advisors or solicitors to complete the purchase of your new Larkfleet home, we will give you £500 towards making your home yours. Why not put this towards upgading the kitchen and truly making your dream home?

Melanie Backe-Hansen, historian and author of House Histories, said: "The way we live in our homes is evolving.

"The place of the kitchen has changed dramatically. In this study, it takes top spot on Britain's 'dream home' wish-list yet, in historical terms, the kitchen is a relatively modern invention. Where once you'd be lucky to have running water, today it's the ultimate status symbol and where we do most of our entertaining.

"A lot has changed in the past 150 years, but we will continue to aspire to our dream home."

At Larkfleet Homes we have a range of developments in exciting locations, with homes ot suit all tastes. So why not come and find your dream home?

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