Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Stuck for storage?

Families attract clutter. We all gather lots of ‘stuff’ as we go through life. Moving to a new home is an ideal opportunity to have a look at new storage solutions. Your new home looks lovely but the clean lines and crisp colours could be spoiled by stacks of unsightly plastic trays and boxes.

If space is at a premium, there are many solutions to help you make the most of spaces in bedrooms and living rooms. To give you some inspiration we have listed some here.

Alcoves give you ideal space to fill in with seamless floor to ceiling shelving. You could include cupboards with sliding doors to help tidy your stuff away, out of sight. You could also use an alcove to build in a home office, an ideal space for the kids to do their homework. Fit some flush doors to hide the open shelves from view when the space is not in use.

Media storage
Modern living rooms can get cluttered with books and magazines, CDs and DVDs. And TVs can take up a lot of valuable space in the room. Make the TV the focal point of the room and build a series of units around it. Moveable stands with storage space are great or – if money is no object – why not develop a bespoke solution?

You could also fill whole walls with shelves, using your books, ornaments or family pictures as part of your overall design. You could also use more traditional free-standing solutions like bookcases, dressers or cabinets.
If your space is open plan, use storage solutions to divide up the space into different areas.

Use every inch of space in your kitchen to maximise your storage. Use pull-out cupboards with shelves and racking or sliding doors on cupboards to make the most of the available space.
Why not investigate multipurpose cubed storage solutions available from major modular furniture and DIY retailers?

Hallways and utility rooms
Halls and utility rooms often get cluttered up with boots, shoes and coats. Why not have a look at hooks, hangers and stands. Modular solutions will help to provide a space to tidy away all those boots and shoes.

Stuck for storage space in the bedroom? Use the headboard as storage by building in drawers. In children’s rooms, use the space under the child’s bed to stow away toys and clothes. You can nestle pull-out boxes under bed spaces and use narrow shelving solutions to maximise space.

One of the things that will take up a lot of exterior space are your bins. There seems to be a bin for everything these days. Keep them together and out of sight with a bin store.

Whatever you chose to do with your storage space, enjoy your home!

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