Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Back to school

The new school year has started and the parents among us have breathed a collective sigh of relief as our kids start their new school or college. Hopefully, they have got a place in their school of choice. Sadly, our children don't always end up where we would like, prompting us to consider measures to get them into the best schools.

Often, concerned parents will seriously consider moving to a house in the catchement area of their school of choice to secure a place for their child, even if it's miles away from where they live currently.

According to new research from Santander Mortgages, one in four parents with school age children have either bought or rented a new property to secure an address within their desired school's catchment area. The study also found that those families willing to move are prepared to spend a 12 per cent premium for their desired catchment area.

Parents are going to great lengths to be within those sought after catchment areas, with their sacrifices going far beyond the financial. These sacrifices include changing jobs, downsizing, overstretching themselves financially or moving miles away from family and friends altogether.

This trend looks set to continue as 40 per cent of parents who expect to move home before their children leave school say catchment areas will dictate where they choose to live.

Living within a certain school's catchment area is top of the wish list for many families. Larkfleet Homes has you covered in many areas with excellent educational options. Have a look at our latest developments for more information.

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