Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Where are Britain's most 'in demand' properties?

  • Properties in Edinburgh receive 145 per cent more interest from prospective buyers than the national average.
  • Edinburgh is closely followed by Croydon, central London, Glasgow and Leicester.
  • Barking and Dagenham, Bexley and Hounslow are the most in-demand London boroughs.
Poperties listed for sale in Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh receive 145 per cent more interest from prospective buyers than the average property listing in Britain, according to new figures from Zoopla.
    Zoopla analysed the volume of email enquiries sent by house hunters to estate agents listing homes for sale on the website over the past year to create an index, which reveals the areas of the British property market that are the most ‘in demand’. 
    The data shows that the increasingly popular commuter town of Croydon came in second place with 104 per cent more demand than the average property listing in Britain over the past 12 months. Central London and Glasgow are behind with 77 per cent and 67 per cent more interest than the average British property listing.
    When it comes to what prospective buyers are looking for in these popular areas, data from the Zoopla Keyword Search tool reveals that buyers in Edinburgh and Croydon are keen on properties with a garage, whereas freehold is the most important keyword criteria for those looking to buy in Central London.
    Regionally, Greater London is the most in demand area; properties in and around the capital are the most popular and receive 93 per cent more interest than the national average. This is followed by Scotland with 40 per cent more interest, where house hunters appear to be searching for a waterside property as the most popular Keyword Search term for the region is ‘sea’. Meanwhile, the North East appears to be the nation’s least in demand region, as properties located here receive 51 per cent less interest than the British average.
    A closer look at the English capital reveals that Barking and Dagenham is the most sought-after London borough. Homes in this area receive 168 per cent more interest than the average London property listing, followed by Bexley and Hounslow, where prospective buyers show 43 per cent and 40 per cent more interest respectively.
    In contrast, leafy Richmond upon Thames sits at the bottom of the borough index, as homes in the area receive 35 per cent less interest than the London borough average. This is followed by Kingston upon Thames, which places second-to-bottom with 32 per cent fewer enquiries than average, and Hammersmith and Fulham (45 per cent below the average for London).
    Lawrence Hall, spokesperson for Zoopla, comments: “This new set of figures gives us valuable insight into which areas of the British property market are most ‘in demand’. It’s interesting to see Edinburgh outranking London, which perhaps reflects a cooling in the property market for central London. It’s no surprise that we see high demand for properties in the outer London suburbs, such as Croydon, as they prove to be an affordable alternative for buyers.”

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