Friday, 28 July 2017

What is The Consumer Code?

Have you heard of The Consumer Code and do you know why it's important?

It's worth knowing so read below for our overview on why it matters to you.

The Consumer Code for Home Builders was developed by the home-building industry to make the home buying process fairer and more transparent for purchasers.

The code requires that all home buyers are treated fairly, know what levels of service to expect, are fully informed about their purchase and their consumer rights before and after they move in, and are provided with a speedy, low-cost dispute resolution scheme to deal with complaints about breaches of the code.

The Consumer Code for Home Builders’ Scheme logo must be prominently displayed in home builders’ sales offices, those of appointed selling agents and in sales brochures.

The home builder must have suitable systems and procedures to ensure it can reliably and accurately meet the commitments on service, procedures and information in the code.

The code covers every stage of the home-buying purchase – pre-contract, exchange of contract and during occupation.

You can read the full code here

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