Monday, 10 July 2017

How to turn your garden into a mini-festival

Summer has landed and festival season is now in full swing. If you can't make it to a  field of musical madness,  why not bring the festival to you and your family and friends?

Decadent drapes, funky lights, music and good food and wine will all help to bring a mini festival feel to your garden!

Incense sticks will create that hippy smell and citronella ones will also keep the bugs at bay.

If you want a mellow feel to the garden with a little dazzle, start saving your empty jars and you can fill them with candles for a great relaxed look.

Food wise, a BBQ will always be a winner. You can't beat the mouthwatering smell and it's the simplest way to cook en-masse! Try adding a Caribbean twist to the menu and make some delicious jerk chicken! Or if you want a Spanish twist, why not make a  huge paella from a giant paella pan?

Also popular are pulled pork joints, cones of chips, homemade burgers and locally reared traditional sausages and marinated skewered prawns!

Drink wise, most people will bring a bottle and you can even specify this on the invite - but in a fun way. Keeping it lighthearted is good and along the lines of: "I'll provide the music, the food and the festival atmosphere. I might even stretch to a bottle of fizzy stuff but if you want to drink until the sun goes down, bring a bottle and lets have some fun!"

The music needs to be spot on to create the right atmosphere. You can ask your guests what their three favourite songs are.

Beanbags are also pretty cool and will create that laid back feel to your very own garden festival.

If you want to stay on good terms with your neighbours, do let them know beforehand what you are planning and when, before your plans are too advanced to change. A late-night festival in your garden the day before the kids next door are sitting an exam may not go down well with their parents!

Inviting the neighbours to attend can help to smooth relationships and is a great way to develop a community.

The most important thing is just to relax and enjoy yourself and party, party and party some more! Oh and pray for sunshine!

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