Saturday, 1 July 2017

What do you need to consider when selling your home?

Selling your home can be very stressful so read below for Larkfleet's top tips on the best way to get the best possible price for your home.

1. Choosing the right estate agent

You need to choose the right estate agent who is going to minimise worry and maximise results. You'll want an agent with proven and up-to-date marketing techniques who can pull in maximum viewings.

If you want multiple agents to take the property on, it’s important to note that you may end up paying more than one fee, regardless of who sells the property. Therefore always read the conditions of the contract before you instruct an agent.

2. It's what's on the outside that counts! 

It's vital that your house looks 'presentable' to a potential buyer as first impressions are everything. If your fence is looking tired, a touch of paint or polish will work wonders. 

Put up hanging baskets to add colour and if you have a garden plant some bedding flowers. Move bins out of view and clear away anything unsightly.

These small tweaks will make a lot of difference to the overall 'feel' of the house.

3. Clean, tidy and prepare

Making your home attractive to a buyer needn’t cost a fortune. Paint walls with nice warm colours that create a homely feel and make sure your rooms are clutter-free and as light and airy as possible.

4. . Define each room

A buyer will want to picture how each room will suit their lifestyle so make sure each room is clearly defined. For example, don't put the exercise bike in the living room!

5. Give some space

Let the potential buyers wonder about the house freely and allow them to take their time to get a feel for the house. You want them to be comfortable and able to look at their leisure.

6. Bring the indoors outdoors!

Even if you're not the outdoors type, remember that the garden can be a great selling point, especially if your potential buyer is a keen gardener.

It doesn't have to be on the same level as the Chelsea Flower Show but it should be presentable and convey the idea that it can be enjoyed.

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