Sunday, 3 June 2018

Making hay while the sun shines

Sun in the sky - free solar energy for Larkfleet homes
We like to talk of ‘greener’ lifestyles – recycling, electric vehicles and solar panels to name a few ideas. But, the sad reality is that very few people fully embrace this environmentally friendly way of life.

There’s no doubt, making the shift to a greener way of living requires a change in mindset. And often, it requires a financial investment too. Cleaner vehicles and less reliance on standard utilities for heat, light and water are the easiest ways to make a change in the right direction. But they come with an associated, premium price tag.

Despite this, retrospective fitting of solar panels has become more and more popular in recent years. Households are benefitting from lower energy bills – while their peers battle price hikes – thanks to the energy generated from their own rooftops.

However, while car manufacturers are being (forcefully) encouraged to build greener and more economic vehicles, the majority of house builders aren’t doing their bit by fitting eco-friendly features, such as PV solar panels, as standard.

As one of the simplest ways to make a small, but important environmental contribution, the addition of PV solar panels to new build properties could help the much-needed wave-of-change.

Granted, not all properties are well suited to solar panels; thatched rooves for example are not the ideal base. And, not all properties will generate as much energy from their panels as others – direction of the roof in relation to the sun, overhanging trees and available daylight hours all contribute to the natural variations. But – as they say – every little helps. 

Of course, the energy-saving opportunities don’t need to stop there either. Simple changes to standard fittings, like energy saving lighting and energy saving appliances all add up. Make sure you have ample insulation too, and you’re starting to make an impact on all sides. You can save energy on one hand, while generating it (and preserving it) on the other. The combined effect is good news for the environment … and our wallets!

So, while some house builders see solar panels as an expensive addition, at Larkfleet Homes we have decided to take a definitive step and offer PV solar panels as standard, completely free of charge on all suitable new properties.

Understanding that a fundamental change in mindset requires an investment of either time, money, education – or all of the above – helping new build house buyers to become eco-friendlier is a no-brainer for Larkfleet. And it’s a commitment we continue to stand by as we look for new ways to continually improve the 'green rating' of our properties.

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