Sunday, 10 June 2018

A few ideas for summer entertaining al fresco

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There’s something primal about a real fire. Watching the flames dance or gazing into glowing embers seem to satisfy some ancient instinct.

 Get yourself a firepit or a chimenea – entertain and enjoy the light of a real fire late into a summer evening.

If you don’t fancy sitting around a fire singing and telling stories – what about hosting a movie night? Get a big screen and show your favourite movie. Make sure the screen is under cover, just in case.

Keep everything simple – create yourself a self-service station for cutlery, plates, napkins, cups, straws and condiments.

Exterior lighting around a gazebo can create a magical atmosphere. Use fairy lights, a string of traditional lightbulbs or paper lanterns. There are some great exterior lighting ideas to be found on Pinterest.

Got kids coming? Have a selection of garden toys and game at the ready. You could also set up a special area for the young people to use to get crafting, painting, making slime or just generally getting messy.

As the sun goes down, the bugs come out. Protect food against insects. Forget about sugary canned drinks. You might also get some citronella candles. They smell great and keep the bugs at bay.

Make sure your food is suitable for outdoor eating. Fire up the BBQ for sausages, steaks and kebabs. Lots of finger foods are great.

There are lots of ideas on the internet. Just have a quick Google and you’ll not be stuck for ideas.

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