Monday, 14 May 2018

New Homes Week Meet the Team Monday - Behind the scenes at Larkfleet Homes

Karl Hick Helen Hick New Homes Week Meet the Team
As part of New Homes Week we are inviting you to meet the Larkfleet Homes team.

There are two things about Larkfleet Homes that you might notice immediately.

One is the 'public face' of Larkfleet Homes, our CEO Karl Hick, and the other is our high quality new homes in locations in the East Midlands, East Anglia, the South West of England and Scotland.

While it is fair to say that Karl is the driving force that helps us deliver our developments he is supported behind the scenes. Firstly, there is Karl’s wife and joint MD Helen Hick (pictured above with Karl outside our HQ, Larkfleet House).

Then there is a small army of staff including architects and planners, construction experts and contractors, craftsmen and trades people from across the industry, site managers, sales people and admin staff. In fact, Larkfleet Homes currently employs more than 100 full time staff. And we support many times more jobs than that through our contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.

It’s the staff and the 'supply chain' who make Larkfleet Homes tick and who deliver the quality new homes that people have come to expect. It really is a team effort.

Architects and planners - Larkfleet designs its developments carefully. Planning, landscaping and the built environment are all carefully considered. There is full submission to the local council of all drawings and documents relating to the development prior to commencement on site and there are several pre-commencement meetings.

Site managers –  each Larkfleet Homes site is overseen by a site manager. He or she has responsibility for everything from health and safety and ensuring that the roads are kept clean to liaising between contractors and customers as new homeowners take possession of their new property.

Contractors, subcontractors and tradesmen – these are the guys and girls who build your new Larkfleet home. Highly skilled bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, plasterers, painters and decorators and tilers and roofers work together to bring each new home to completion from foundations and groundworks to topping off the roof.

Sales staff – once the houses are ready to be occupied (or, more often, before they are ready as people increasingly buy 'off plan') they need to be sold. That’s where our sales teams come into the frame. Our director of sales oversees the team of sales executives who liaise with our customers to deliver the best possible levels of service.

We aim to assist our customers with the purchase of their new homes in every way that we possibly can.

For example, Mrs Allen, whose son has autism, told us: “Larkfleet provided a fantastic service. The whole team was really accommodating to Jack’s needs. There was also a small snagging list which was dealt with very quickly and efficiently. Each of the contractors was very understanding of Jack’s autism and very respectful of his needs. They did everything they could to help him stay settled throughout.”

Admin staff – keeping everything running smoothly we have our admin staff who help to ensure that everything is in its place and there’s a place for everything. From accounting to personnel there is a small army of unseen (by the customer) individuals without whom nothing much would happen.

Marketing - last, but not least, we have the teams behind our marketing activities including web designers, graphic designers, social media experts, copywriters and marketers who present our wares to the public – all overseen by our director of marketing.

It’s like the rolling credits at the end of a blockbuster movie. All these people are working hard to get you into your dream home - a large group of people in distinct roles all working together as part of a team to deliver the best possible product.

What better reason do you need to buy new? We’ll make your dream a reality.

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