Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Getting your new home just right

New Homes Week Wednesday wisdom getting new home right
Getting your new home just right can be a challenge. Moving home is costly enough without having to go to the additional expense of decorating. The beauty of a newbuild home is that it is already decorated and fresh.

Housebuilders will tend to go for neutral colours like magnolia when decorating a house ready for its first occupiers. But this will give you a really great blank canvass on which to stamp your mark and let your own personality shine through to really make your new home your own.

To keep the costs down, consider the following:
  1. Pick a wall and make a feature of it. Use striking colours or wall paper. Doing this means you can leave everywhere else as is and you don’t need to spend a fortune on paint.
  2. Have a look at what you’re bringing with you. Declutter and get rid of what doesn’t fit. Consider revamping other furniture such as painting tired wooden chairs to match your new colour scheme.
  3. If you need to add furniture, consider upcycling from charity shops.
  4. If you want a pattern on the walls, use patterned rollers to add interest rather than use more expensive wallpapers.
  5. Add a touch of glamour to your magnolia walls by covering them in monochrome (black and white) photos in clean white frames. 
  6. Add a mirror to you room to make it look bigger by reflecting the surrounding colours and patterns.
  7. Doors are part of the overall décor of your home. Why not paint the door in a contrasting gloss colour to add interest to your rooms?
  8. Use your window sills to display interesting objects and ornaments.
There are lots of other things that you can do. Check out websites like Houzz and Pinterest for inspiration.

At Larkfleet Homes we have a range of décor options. If you are thinking of buying your new home from us, ask your sales adviser for details.

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