Thursday, 5 October 2017

Fancy a change this autumn?

Autumn is here and with it comes the cool blustery weather, darker evenings and rain. It’s a wonderful time of year to think about curling up in front of the telly to relax with a warm drink.

It’s also a good time to revamp your living space to create a warm and welcoming environment to insulate you against the elements outside.

Here a few practical tips to create a really fancy, functional yet comfortable living room.

  • Create floral displays of dry flowers, foliage and produce in autumn colours. Use functional containers as a base for the displays.
  • Use cushions and throws in autumn colours to create a cosy feel to your living room. Vary colour and textures to add more interest.
  • Add rustic elements to your décor to create a country farmhouse feel.
  • Use moss, acorns and dry leaves to decorate wooden picture frames to create an arty feel that can highlight an autumn themed quote or a favourite family photo.
  • Rugged tweeds and wool fabrics in warming russets and heathery purples combined with an eclectic mix of floral fabrics and designs with painted wood and jugs of hazel and hedgerow branches provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Accessorise your living room with hand thrown earthenware ceramics and turned wooden bowls and platters to give your living room a tactile feel.
  • Emphasise the seasonal feel with printed woven printed fabrics in autumnal colours and designs.
  • Reflect the outdoor seasonal changes with homemade artworks created from pressed dried leaves.
  • Redecorate with warm natural woods partnered with soft ochre yellow walls and use rush matting on the floors.

Whatever you decide to do to your living room - enjoy the season and make the most of the rich colours and the delightfully creative accessories that nature has to offer!

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