Friday, 9 February 2018

Things to do in the garden in February

gardening jobs February
Now that we are well and truly into February and Spring is just around the corner, it’s time to tackle some of those jobs in the garden that you have been putting off all Winter.

Some solid preparation now will mean you can make the most of the growing season to come.

Here a few tips for what you should be taking on now:
  • Prune Group 3 Clematis
  • Cut out old, dying or congested stems from Bamboo
  • Plant bare-root roses
  • Trim lawn edges
  • Cut back deciduous grasses
  • Prepare vegetable seedbeds and sow some veg under cover
  • Chit potatoes ready for planting
  • Improve drainage on heavy soils by working in lots of organic matter
  • Tidy up weedy beds
  • Stock on things like ties and stakes for the coming season
For more gardening tips and details of what to grow visit the Royal Horticultural Society website.

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