Monday, 1 January 2018

What's new in design for 2018

Larkfleet Homes design trends 2018

Now that the New Year is with us, many of us are thinking about a fresh start in 2018. Perhaps you’re thinking about a new car, a new kitchen, or redecorating the lounge. Whatever you're thinking about we’ve got a few ideas that could help you stay on trend.

According to the home decorating and renovation website Houzz there will be several traditional schemes making a comeback for home decoration in 2018.

Houzz released a list of the top 10 design trends it expects to see next year based on the opinion of its network of professional and consumer users. As well as offering ideas for decorating any room in the house, the website can provide you links to the latest products and even hook you up with decorating and building professionals in your area.

So, what’ trending according to Houzz?

  • Colourful kitchens – More colour will be used in kitchens to make the room feel warmer and make it even more like the hub of family life. Plum and warm pinks like Dulux’s Heartwood colour of the year.
  • Rich colours – To match the use of colour in the kitchen richer colours throughout the home will add a warming and cosy feel.
  • Say goodbye to stainless steel – In the kitchen, unconventional materials for sinks will come to the fore. Materials like stone, concrete, granite and copper will start to gain ground.
  • Go floral – Flowery prints and chintzy patterns will start to make a comeback. Designs will use bold contrasting colours.
  • Go vintage – Vintage accessories will become popular. Vintage lighting fixtures will gain popularity. There could even be an industrial theme in terms of metal and enamelled pendant lighting.
  • Open sinks and baths – Deeper trough sinks will become popular. They will be open with chrome and brass pipe work and traps.
  • Concrete it over – Well-established as a building material, concrete may become more popular decoratively – specifically in the form of kitchen worktops.
  • Go for wood – Painted wooden walls, once popular in kitchens and bathrooms, could become more common in other rooms around the house.
  • Tiles – Intricate designs and patterns will become popular to counterpoint bold, warm colours.
  • Minimalist bedrooms – Colours and designs of bedrooms will become uncluttered and calming.

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