Monday, 14 August 2017

Where to buy to avoid the bombs?

In what probably takes the prize for the worst taste publicity stunt in the housing market this year, estate agency Emoov has published a map showing the impact of nuclear weapons on the UK if the nation’s top 20 cities were targeted by missile strikes.

The move followed escalating tensions between North Korea and the USA with some ‘nuclear sabre rattling’ by both sides last week. Fortunately, the rhetoric seems to have calmed down a little this week, so we are maybe not facing nuclear apocalypse in the immediate future. And, looking on the bright side (if there is one), the UK is out of range of current North Korean missiles and is presumably not likely to be a target for American bombs.

But, going along with Emoov’s analysis, where would you buy a house to stay out of range of the missiles?

The only current Larkfleet development clear of the blasts on the Emoov map is Pinchbeck Fields near Spalding. Even our development at Bonnybank near Leven in Scotland would be affected by the anticipated missile strike on nearby Edinburgh and our developments near Taunton in the rural South West of England would be overwhelmed by the impact of a missile hitting Bristol.

So far, Emoov’s analysis has had no impact on house prices and we’ve not had a flood of enquiries in Pinchbeck from nervous citizens. But we could not resist bringing you this piece of poor-taste nonsense news. Does this make us as bad as Emoov (we rather fear that it might ….)?

If you do want to know more, Emoov appears to have removed the map from its own website in the face of a storm of criticism but you can still find the original on several news websites such as the Daily Mirror here.

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