Saturday, 11 March 2017

5 steps to make your garden spring ready

Here comes the sun!  The bright tops are out and at Larkfleet HQ we are already thinking about dining alfresco!

Spring is a great time of year to throw out the clutter and refresh.

It's a time for growth and change and, after what seems like a very long winter, we can now start to think about enjoying some time in the garden.

1) Preparation is key!

You need to clean the garden of the winter's mess and any nasty storms and remove broken branches, leaves and other debris. This is actually quite therapeutic too!

2) Get the tools out!

If they have been neglected all winter, the chances are they will need a good clean and scrub - soap and water will suffice.

3) Have some muddy fun.

It's vital that you make sure the soil is ready for all your lovely plants. Turn the soil with a pitchfork. clearing out all the weeds, and add some fresh compost to the mix!

4) Make a plan!

Research and discover what will work best in your space. Are you going for a Mediterranean look or more English garden? Make sure you plan when your space gets the best sunshine and during what time of the day.

5) Maintain your creation

Make sure you keep on top of your new little green haven by pruning and tending to it.

We would love to see your progress, from mud to plants, so do keep us in the loop on our Facebook page and show us your fun and flowery pictures!


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